About Red Kawa

Red Kawa is dedicated to building innovative, helpful and compelling software. Originally founded in 2004, Red Kawa released its first software product, Videora, in December of that year. Since then, it has gone on to release a number of different software applications, including video conversion tools and web-based software designed for the living room. Red Kawa was officially launched in late 2006.

Contact Red Kawa

If your require assistance with any of our free software (including video converters, media centers, etc.) please consult our online forums. DO NOT send your request via our contact form because it WILL be ignored. We simply do not have the resources to answer help requests via our contact form.

If you require help with Videora (the video search tool, not the video converters) please visit the Videora support pages for more information.

If you have a press inquiry, business development inquiry, advertising inquiry, magazine CD insert inquiry, would like to mirror our software on your server or have found a problem with our website, please use our contact form to get in touch with us directly.