About SofaTube

SofaTube is a specially designed web application that lets you browse and watch videos from YouTube and Revver in your living room. While you can just as easily visit these two sites directly, both sites were designed to be used on a high resolution computer monitor and viewed 2 feet away from the screen. SofaTube, on the other hand, was developed to be used in a living room environment where viewers are usually sitting far away from their standard or high definition television. SofaTube was designed and developed by Red Kawa.

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About Red Kawa

Red Kawa is dedicated to building innovative, helpful and compelling software. Originally founded in 2004, Red Kawa released its first software product, Videora, in December of that year. Since then, it has gone on to release a number of different software applications, including video conversion tools and web-based software designed for the living room. Red Kawa was officially launched in late 2006 and is based out of Ottawa, Canada.