The Greenhouse Backpacker Review

The Greenhouse Backpackers is a good hostel located right in the heart of downtown Melbourne. The hostel has won a number of tourism awards and is praised by Lonely Planet. Unlike many other hostels, Green house Backpackers offers numerous free amenities including free breakfast, free internet, free luggage storage as well as free laptop storage. It also has many of the same services you can find in any hostel like a self serve kitchen, dining area, tv room, 24 hour access and 24 hour reception. They have almost every kind of room combination possible including single, twin, double rooms as well as dorms with 4, 5, 6 or 8 beds. Dorms can be single sex or co-ed as well. The hostel is quite popular so you will have to book your rooms ahead of time. Don’t expect to get a room if you are just showing up on the spot.

The dorms are as clean as the occupants inside. Generally speaking they are in good shape. Each dorm has lockers where you can store your bags and lock them up. The lockers are quite big and have room for a 70L backpack as well as a few other things. Most rooms/dooms only have two plugs located near the front door by the lockers. In this day of modern electronics there is no way that this is enough for 5 people to charge their cellphones, laptops, cameras, etc. It may be a good idea to purchase a powerbar. The bed mattresses are about six feet long.

After you arrive, your room is provided with clean linens. This may take a couple hours so if you need to crash immediately after you check in, be warned you may not have any sheets. Each floor with dorms has communal men and women washrooms. These washrooms are kept quite clean and are in great shape. There are a sufficient number of showers with decent shower heads.

Unlike a lot of hostels, Greenhouse does not charge to use the internet. On the sixth floor where the reception, kitchen, dining room and TV area is located, there are 3 public computers available to use to connect to the internet. However, there is no Wi-Fi so don’t expect to reach the internet wirelessly from your laptop. There are also no open or pay hotspots accessible from inside the building so you will have to go somewhere else like Starbucks for wireless internet access. To use the internet using one of the public computers there is a sign up sheet though it is ignored by most people.

Every morning, the hostel provides a free breakfast in the form of cereal and toast. They offer a couple different kinds of cereal like rice crispies and corn flakes and numerous spreads for toast like margarine, jams, etc.

Official Website: The Greenhouse Backpacker

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Posted by Pete Mitchell