Melbourne Zoo Review

The Melbourne Zoo is Australia’s oldest zoo founded in 1862. The zoo contains over 400 species of animals in an area of 55 acres. The zoo is only 4km from downtown Melbourne and is easily accessible by train as Royal Park Station is located right near the zoo. The zoo opens at 9am every day and costs $23.00 for adults. Students with a Student ID can pay the Adult Concession price of $17.30 so don’t forget your ID.

The zoo is just like any other zoo with many different animal species. One of the more interesting sections of the Zoo is their Australian section where you can see Kangaroos, Koalas and other animals indigenous to Australia. There are only a few Koalas and since they spend most of their day sleeping you won’t likely get a close up view of them while they are awake.

While they keep the adult kangaroos in a pen, they let a few younger ones run free in a larger area which you can walk through. Here you are allowed to pet the kangaroos in a controlled way under the watchful eye of a zoo employee while you are feeding. Otherwise you have to keep your distance from the kangaroos and stay on the Zoo path.

If you absolutely need to see a kangaroo or koala and you aren’t going anywhere else then it may be worth while going to the Melbourne Zoo. Otherwise you are probably better off seeing something else that is more unique to Melbourne and visiting a zoo in your own home city.

Official Website: Melbourne Zoo

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Posted by Pete Mitchell