Skybus Super Shuttle Review

The Skybus Super Shuttle is a cheap way to get from the Airport to Melbourne. The airport is located about 25km northwest of downtown Melbourne so a single person will definitely save money by taking the Skybus instead of a cab. The Skybus costs $16 one way or $26 return and departs every 10-15 minutes. It picks you up at the airport and 20 minutes later it drops you off at Southern Cross Station which is at the edge of downtown Melbourne. From Southern Cross Station you can reach you destination via public transport or if you are going to a hotel, you can hop on the Skybus Hotel Shuttle which will take you to your hotel for free. You can purchase your Skybus ticket online or at a Skybus ticket terminal where the Skybus stops.

The buses in the SkyBus fleet are new and very clean. There is lots of room for any type of luggage you may have, whether it is a large suitcase or a surfboard. The seats are typical transit bus seats and there is standing room in case the bus gets full. During the trip to Southern Cross Station, the bus plays a short 15 minute video introducing you to Melbourne and some of the sites you may want to see. The windows are not obstructed by any sort of advertising so you will get a nice view the downtown Melbourne on your way to Southern Cross Station.

Official Website: Skybus Super Shuttle

Posted by Pete Mitchell